Hello I hope you are well. Thank you for attending last year's Whitby Sci Fi & Comic Con. You will be pleased to know it raised £11,487 for Cancer Research UK.
As we are still learning from last year we are making some changes.

All tables are provided by the venue so sizes vary. You are paying for the space and we will do our very best to make it work for you.
We no longer require you to donate a prize as a part of your table payment though any donations are always appreciated.

We are offering edge of room tables for £35 each

Centre of room tables are £30 each.

All are first come first served.

Tables are non transferable and non refundable as we had a long reserve list last year.

Please reserve tables please complete the Traders Table Reservation and Agreement Form.

This year instead of a quiz we are having a word search jumble with the letters on the tables to encourage visitors to look at all the merchandise on the tables.

We will also have the Cancer research UK representative there on the day to let you know exactly where all the money is going.

So we don't get jammed up again we will be taking charge of the loading area.

As we are learning we encourage feedback, advice, and suggestions.

We want to make our event fun for you all too.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,

The WSFCC Team