Sharon Booth

Sharon Booth inspirational person, awesome Mum, loving Wife and successful business person. 

Sharon was  diagnosed with terminal cancer on the 25th May 2015, she was given months to live.

After spending two weeks in The James Cook Memorial Hospital, Middlesbrough.

Sharon returned home where she spent a further two weeks with her family, Adrian her husband and Jack her 16 year old son.

Sharon suffered a  seizure on the morning of Sunday 14th June 2015 and was rushed to Scarborough hospital.

Sharon did not recover from the seizure and was moved to St Catherine's Hospice on the afternoon of Monday 15th June 2015 where sadly Sharon passed away aged just 44.  Just four weeks after her diagnosis.

Sharon was originally diagnosed with sciatica in the April of 2014 and the cancer in her lung was missed.  During the period between April 2014 and June 2015 the cancer spread to into Sharon pelvis, liver and brain.

One of Sharon's ideas was to organise fund raising events that are fun and that will involve as many people as possible.

All of the proceeds from these events will be donated to Cancer Research UK more specifically to the area of the charity that deals with the early diagnosis of cancer.

Through Sharon's fund raising events we hope to give cancer sufferers a better chance of survival or allow them to live their life to fullest even if the cancer is terminal.